Meet The Queers

Welcome! We’re so glad you found us. To be honest, we have no clue how to write a blog, but we also have no clue how to make a baby and we’ve been doing that for a while so why not add in a blog? Expectations lowered? GREAT.  Here is what you can expect from us: Two queer perspectives on all things fertility. Fertility and infertility treatment is hard, lonely, and there is no way one can prepare for all of the uncertainty that comes with it. And if you’re queer? There are even less resources and stories out there to help you navigate the process of trying to make a baby. This is our attempt to add to the collection of queer fertility stories out there in hopes that it may make a difference for at least one person.

Queer #1

Jewish. Curly hair. Justice driven advocate. The one with the womb. Survivor. Anxious about most things. Stress baker. Community Fitness-er. 


Medium chocolate lab mutt. Lover of peanut butter. Old lady. Loves naps. Occasional hiker of mountains.

Queer #2

Nonbinary. White. Never want to be pregnant. Midwesterner who ended up in the northeast. Fairly concerned about being told they’re in the wrong bathroom when we have a child. Community Fitness-er. Marathoner. Expert shot giver. The world is better with spreadsheets.